Our test equipment provides vital data that enables engineers all over the world to analyze how and why pavement deteriorates both on the surface (functionally) and beneath the surface (structurally).

By providing engineers with accurate testing data they can manage resources and plan pavement projects more accurately and estimate precise budgetary requirements.

This is why high-quality equipment from Dynatest is vital for estimating the remaining life of the pavement, wear, and tear, and predicting the impact of future traffic patterns.


We provides wide range of equipment to measure both structural and functional aspects of the pavement systems. The equipment is designed to provide standardized data of the highest accuracy and repeatability making the output ideal for both project and network-level assessment.

  • > Triangulation and digital terrain modeling
  • > Analysis of survey data
  • > Geometric design of roadways, interchanges
  • > Design of study cross sectional elements
  • > Design of at-grade intersections, flyovers, viaducts and tunnels
  • > Design of rehabilitation works as a result of overlay, reconstruction, widening and drainage.
  • > Large area traffic forecasts
  • > Highway and traffic safety studies
  • > Traffic signal design and optimization
  • > Traffic management and circulation design
  • > Speed/classification studies
  • > Pavement marking/signing
  • > Maintenance of traffic plans


FWD - Falling Weight Deflectometer


RSP III - Road Surface Profiler MK III


RFT - Runway Friction Tester


RSP III - Road Surface Profiler MK III

The Pundit Live Array Pro Testing

The Pundit Live Array Pro is a rapid ultrasonic pulse echoing imaging scanner that can be used for that can be used to check for quality assessment of destructive test of concrete and uniformity, thickness measurements from a single side, location of delaminations, voids and honeycombing, location of hollow pipes, pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer and assessment of fiber- reinforced concrete.

Our NDT inspection services and expertise are also an important part of our investigation and destructive test of concrete service can provide affordable NDT testing price will help with efficient testing of NDT equipment.

Destructive test of concrete tests are performed when non-destructive testing (NDT) results cannot be achieved or when non-destructive testing results need to be clarified further. When possible, it is usual practise to begin with non-destructive testing.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity: Pundit PL200 PE Testing

An essential tool for investigating a wide range of materials. Including Concrete, Ceramics and Refractories, Timber and many others. Ultrasonic testing can be used for:

Rebound Hammer Testing

A Schmidt hammer, also known as a Swiss hammer or a rebound hammer or concrete hammer test, is a device to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock, mainly surface hardness and penetration resistance.

Profometer 650 Testing

Profometer 650 Locating of Rebars and live wires before drilling, cutting and coring / Spot check of rebar cover / Measuring wide areas over long distances and on rough surfaces with scan cart / Conformity check of new buildings as Well as can measure Half Cell Potential to assess the level of Corrosion

The Resipod Testing

The Resipod is designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete. A current is applied to the two outer probes and the potential difference is measured between the two inner probes. The current is carried by ions in the pore liquid. The calculated resistivity depends on the spacing of the probes

The PosiTector® PT- 200

The      PosiTector®       PT-

200      measures coating thickness on drywall, concrete, wood, plastic and more using ultrasound technology. Advanced model can measure up to 3 individual layer thicknesses in a multi-layer system and features a graphic readout for detailed analysis of the coating system.


PCWI DC 15 Used for detection of coating porosity in dielectric, insulation type coatings on conductive substrates, including concrete Small, lightweight unit with a clip-on battery pack and digital display of applied voltage Constant test current, fully adjustable voltage and sensitivity controls
Momentary on switch allows for auto shut-off

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